The 4 Big Challenges in the Digital Transition

The transition to the virtual environment is not trivial. For many organizations, it is still full of uncertainties and insecurities. Our clients talk frequently about the limitations and problems while trying to perform their activities as it was previously done. We know from experience that this transition is hard and uncomfortable. But we also know that after a certain threshold, this changing process becomes exciting and even fun.

A big part of our work nowadays is to support professionals and organizations to overcome some barriers while adapting workshops, events and meetings into an online version. Working with people from different countries and cultures, we noticed some patterns, which we identified as the main challenges in the transition from face-to-face to the virtual environment:

  1. Lack of the Social Component
  2. Excessive use of Technology
  3. Old Habits Die Hard
  4. Nurture Trust and Foster Autonomy

Let’s take a look at each one to be aware of the challenges, and...

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