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Why Virtual Facilitation?

The future of work has permanently changed, as today we can be just as effective working virtually or together in the same physical space.

With Virtual Facilitation you can get everyone contributing, feeling connected, engaged and fulfilling the tasks on time.

Get rid of bad meetings that often decrease motivation, create frustration, fatigue and even conflicts.

Our program is carefully designed for facilitators, consultants, trainers, leaders, and managers to improve your everyday meetings, workshops and special events.

Join our next Cohort to overcome the challenges and take full advantage of digital collaboration!


What you will learn:

Virtual facilitation techniques to improve your practice

The tools and methods to boost engagement and collaboration 

Strategies for successful virtual workshops and learning programs

How to develop a new mindset for digital collaboration

What Makes Our Training Unique

✅ We have been facilitating since 1998, and virtually since 2015. This is not our first rodeo...

✅ We break down the complexity of Virtual Facilitation into small challenges.

✅ We start with the fundamentals and add more layers as we move forward together.

 We give you all presenting materials to use immediately.

✅ You have 1:1 time with the Facilitators every session to address real challenges in your  context.

✅ You learn by doing (and having fun) with Facilitators from different countries and cultures.

✅ You work often in small groups to deepen your understanding and practice.

✅ You get a free coaching session after the training program.

✅ We offer the best async learning platform, and you will have full access to the course for a full year.

✅ We lead a lively Community of Practice that gathers regularly. Stay close to be in the loop!

COHORT #26 • FEB/MAR 2022

Feb. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and Mar. 2nd from 9:00am to 12:00pm PDT 

Early Bird:
USD$ 697 (until Jan. 14th)

Regular Registration:
USD$ 897


Registration fee is for the Full Workshop, consisting of 5 live Sessions and 1 year access to the learning platform.

What happens in our Training:

» A Jump Start
Our program starts right after your Registration. You gain access to our Learning Platform with comprehensive orientation, theory, tutorials and links to explore individually, at your own pace.

» A Hands-On Experience
We’ll meet in real-time, on camera, to learn by doing. Each session will broaden your understanding of virtual facilitation, improve your facilitation skills, and give you highly effective tools and techniques.

» Offline Learning
Beyond the live sessions you may re-watch recordings and access contents in our platform.

» Lots of Support
 You will be always supported by your Facilitators and other participants along the journey.

» Less is More
No paraphernalia. We will show you simple methods and powerful tools to get outstanding results.

» Connecting the Dots
As we explore together the nuances in Virtual Facilitation, you will be able to expand your facilitation skills from F2F into virtual settings, and vice-versa. You will understand what is possible in Hybrid Meetings.

"The Virtual Facilitation Training was one of the most invaluable courses I’ve taken. The skills I learned were great. The tools I was introduced to have changed how I will operate as a facilitator for the foreseeable future. But it was the change in perspective that was the true benefit. I didn’t think that meaningful dialogue and collaboration could be accomplished as well in the virtual space. To see the online space in a new way that can be more engaging and more effective when facilitated by a skilled practitioner has completely changed my view of what is possible."

Neil Pretty
Co-Founder and CEO of Aristotle Performance

"It was such a great experience to participate in the virtual facilitation workshop. In an ever changing world unlearn old ways of working to open room for new formats is extremely important. But I also believe that the learning process needs to be fresh, inviting and fun, and that’s why I enjoyed being part of these sessions led by Carolina and Fernando. Yes, technology is a huge part of this but at the end of the day it is still about how to engage people around something meaningful."

Viviane Gonçalves Calaça
Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company

"The training of our Consultants was a success. Participating in the Virtual Facilitation Training accelerated the learning process by changing the Facilitation mindset from this new place. The Consultants took a leap not only in the quality of their online facilitation, but also in the engagement and connection between everyone who participated in this journey together. I am very grateful and strongly recommend this program."

Eduardo Afonso
Senior Change Management Consultant • Atma Genus

"The Virtual Facilitation Workshop was light, fun and dynamic! I was looking for a course that would help me learn tools and methods, and develop skills in online facilitation, but I got a lot more than that. In addition to techniques and practice, the reflections and group work enabled me to develop myself. It is not just about the course, but also about the facilitators. Carolina and Fernando create a very special atmosphere for all this to happen, with care, depth and knowledge! I loved it."

Juliana Ordonhes
Motus Consulting, Founder

"Although I have been facilitating virtual meetings for some time, it was during the Virtual Facilitation Course that I was able, in a structured and intentional way, to explore the skills, tools and nuances that can make online facilitation so much more powerful! I applied everything I learned right away! "

Henrique Vedana
KaosPilot Facilitator and Co-Founder of Manifesto 55 and School of Facilitators

"Virtual Facilitation was the best hands on training I have participated in in a very long time if not ever. Before this learning I knew a little bit about zoom but really didn't have a strong grasp of how to make the most of online meetings. Now I feel I can confidently facilitate even complex webinars, I have concrete new skills that have seriously up-leveled my performance."

Elayna Alexandra
MBA, ACC - Coach, Strategist + Facilitator

"The workshop put me in connection with people from different industries and backgrounds, and brought me lots of knowledge of tools and methodologies to complemented the repertoire I already use in meetings and online dynamics. This Course was valuable to me because I had a deeper contact with virtual facilitation and learned techniques that helped me immediately in my work. I managed to apply the knowledge obtained the next day. I also met super cool and open people."

Renato Contaifer
Product Designer & Online Facilitator at Officeless

"Virtual Facilitation Training was extremely relevant to my deliverables. As a facilitator of face-to-face training I valued online interactions very little. This has completely changed and my portfolio and business proposals have been directly impacted. The tools and methods used added tremendous value to online discussions, providing the desired focus for remote teams, and opened up countless possibilities for designing a solution collectively. For the first time I saw a virtual team engaged in the activities and committed to the actions extracted and built there."

Costabile Matarazzo
Organizational Development Consultant

"The virtual facilitation workshop helped us recognize that despite the new conditions of social distancing and virtuality, the capabilities to impact groups of people and to generate reflective processes and constructive discussions can continue to the benefit of organizations. The tips, techniques and recommendations of Héctor, Marianne and their guest speakers convinced us that high impact can also happen through the screen. Naturally, it is necessary to be very rigorous in the planning, design and preparation of the sessions and it is necessary to be prepared with a co-facilitation team to adapt to any situation that may arise during the facilitation."

Pex Parra Duque
Organizations Expert in McKinsey & Company (Colombia)

"The virtual facilitation workshop opens the door to a world of possibilities for interacting with groups in remote conditions. Just a few weeks after the training, I can confirm after several interventions, the value generated in virtual collaborative work spaces for strategic alignment, decision making, applied creativity and connecting people at a time when we need to feel like a team. I think this training should be taken by internal or external facilitators from organizations that need to connect teams in short, productive but at the same time fun and memorable time frames."

Jorge Ramírez
Partner-Consultant in TIMEOUT (Colombia)

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