Why Virtual Facilitation?


Organizations prepared for virtual collaboration have a wide range of new opportunities.

Professionals with the skills and ability to effectively facilitate meetings and events online are one step ahead now and in the future!

We may support your organization by assessing your context and providing tools and methods to enhance virtual teamwork and get better results.

We may help you as a professional Facilitator, Educator or Consultant to expand your facilitation skills from F2F into virtual settings, and vice-versa.

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Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures are powerful facilitation strategies to promote active and effective participation in groups of any size. 
They make possible to awaken a participative and agile behaviour in meetings, planning sessions, classrooms or workshops. Liberating Structures change dramatically the way results are generated without expensive investments, complicated training, or abrupt shifts in organizational structures.

We practice and teach these powerful participatory methods to enhance how we meet and work together.

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Virtual Facilitation Training

Get rid of bad meetings that often decrease motivation, create frustration, fatigue and even conflicts.

Our program is specifically designed for facilitators, educators, consultants, trainers, leaders, and managers to improve your everyday meetings, workshops, classes, training, and special events.

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Design for Virtual Events

In a close partnership with our clients, we co-create agendas to bring people together and achieve the best results in virtual and hybrid meetings.

If you need everyone contributing, feeling connected, engaged and working on the top of their intelligence, we may support you to design the best event possible.

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Assessment  & Capacity Building

We offer assessment services and custom training to build capacity and speed up the adoption of new digital technologies to stay competitive and meet employees and customers' needs.

If you are interested in Canada Digital Adoption Program, get in touch!
Tursa Group is one of the Digital Advisors registered with CDAP that meet and maintain all of the required criteria to deliver digital advisory services to eligible Canadian SMEs.

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The Team

Fernando Murray leads the Virtual Facilitation project team. He is a seasoned business consultant helping organizations to develop leadership and facilitation skills since 2000.

The Virtual Facilitation Team counts with four seasoned Leading Consultants with complementary skills and able to deliver workshops in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Some of our Clients

"Over the past 15 years, I've probably led thousands of online meetings, workshops and discussions. But the session I ran last night - the first one since I participated in Virtual Facilitation's 5-week workshop - was 100x better. I was better prepared, used the tools more fluidly and effectively, and achieved a high level of engagement like never before. The virtual facilitation team were the very definition of "best practice" in pacing the program well, connecting the participants into a learning cohort, and fun."

Robin Neidorf
Strategy, operations, and ROI for communities, foundations, and organizations

"The Virtual Facilitation group offered a great course. It is a "hands on" course; no books, no manuals, no rules and regulations. Instead, you jump in and see what it can do while being guided by three professionals who do know the intricacies of each tool and platform they share with their students."

Donald Kerper
Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator

"Events are well designed and dynamic. Active participation is supported and encouraged. Reasonable time is allocated for each activity and is respected.
I learn something new every time I participate to an event and I have fun."

Suzanne Gagnon
Management Consultant

"Virtual facilitation with Carolina and Fernando Goes beyond the commonplace and into the realm of true community development. The tools of facilitation I learned from participating in several of their workshops are tools I have utilized for my consulting practice with great clarity and success. Their approach is top-notch."

Diane Walters
Educational Strategist

"I had the opportunity to participate in a day long strategic visioning and teambuilding workshop facilitated by Ms. Almeida and Mr. Loureiro. They developed and delivered a very innovative and effective workshop for Faculty and Administration creating a shared vision, strengthening relationships and improving communication."

Angus Graeme
President & CEO at Selkirk College

"For anyone who needs to design and/or facilitate workshops, classes, teambuilding...any virtual event, this course will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge to do it well. I highly recommend Fernando and his team. They are generous facilitators with a wealth of knowledge."

DJ King
Performance Optimization and Leadership Consulting

"I didn’t think that meaningful dialogue and collaboration could be accomplished as well in the virtual space. To see the online space in a new way that can be more engaging and more effective when facilitated by a skilled practitioner has completely changed my view of what is possible."

Neil Pretty
Co-Founder and CEO of Aristotle Performance

"The Virtual Facilitation team has a compendium of tools paired with fun and engaging delivery.
The majority of our team has taken their workshop, which has advanced and improved our meetings and events tremendously in this virtual world. Highly recommend!"

Bronwyn Murray
Admin Lead at Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

"Virtual Facilitation delivers amazing, engaging and interactive workshops that include everyone in moving forward productively in a fun, safe and meaningful way. I am always surprised how versatile, innovative and technologically savvy the great people at VF are! Definitely recommend..."

Barish Golland
Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Liberating Structures Facilitator

"Virtual Facilitation was the best hands on training I have participated in in a very long time if not ever. Before this learning I knew a little bit about zoom but really didn't have a strong grasp of how to make the most of online meetings. Now I feel I can confidently facilitate even complex webinars..."

Elayna Alexandra
MBA, ACC - Coach, Strategist + Facilitator

"This is a professional group of people that will bring you to the next level !

A must in your virtual career !!"

Jean Bonneau
Executive Leadership, Mindful Coach and Facilitator

"In an ever changing world unlearn old ways of working to open room for new formats is extremely important.
But I also believe that the learning process needs to be fresh, inviting and fun, and that’s why I enjoyed being part of these sessions led by Carolina and Fernando."

Viviane Gonçalves Calaça
Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company

"The training of our Consultants was a success. Participating in the Virtual Facilitation Training accelerated the learning process by changing the Facilitation mindset from this new place. The Consultants took a leap not only in the quality of their online facilitation, but also in the engagement and connection between everyone..."

Eduardo Afonso
Senior Change Management Consultant • Atma Genus

"The Virtual Facilitation Workshop was light, fun and dynamic! I was looking for a course that would help me learn tools and methods, and develop skills in online facilitation, but I got a lot more than that. In addition to techniques and practice, the reflections and group work enabled me to develop myself."

Juliana Ordonhes
Partner at Lumo Consulting

"Although I have been facilitating virtual meetings for some time, it was during the Virtual Facilitation Course that I was able, in a structured and intentional way, to explore the skills, tools and nuances that can make online facilitation so much more powerful! I applied everything I learned right away! "

Henrique Vedana
KaosPilot Facilitator and Co-Founder of Manifesto 55 and School of Facilitators

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