Meet our Team

Since 2018 we held more than 80 Cohorts in our Virtual Facilitation Workshop, training more than 1,000 professionals in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

With a shared understanding of the challenges and potentials of virtual facilitation, our Facilitators bring their experiences across different cultures and a multidisciplinary approach on Facilitation and Technology.

Fernando Murray

Born in Brazil and living in Canada since 2013, Fernando has been working remotely and online consistently. His background over the last 20 years is on group facilitation and experiential learning.

Fernando is connected with Professional Facilitation Networks in different cultures and countries, being an active member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), the Association for Experiential Education (AEE). As a Practitioner and enthusiast, Fernando promotes the spreading of Liberating Structures in Brazil and North America through his work.

As a Business Management Consultant, Fernando leads the Virtual Facilitation Projects at Tursa Group.

Carolina Almeida

Carolina got her Degree as Agronomist Engineer at the University of São Paulo (Brazil). In 1998, her first Leadership seminar based on Experiential Education in Colorado (USA) was the beginning of a long journey in human development studies. Since then, Carolina has been developing herself as Group Facilitator and Coach, with extensive experience with social projects, corporate clients and individuals.

Carolina works as a Consultant in the Kootenays (British Columbia) and at the Restorative Justice Program in Nelson Police Department. She is also a former Board Member at the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), as Director for the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

Héctor Villarreal Lozoya

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Héctor began his journey as a consultant and trainer throughout Latin America in 2004. Since then he has worked in a variety of change management projects in more than a dozen countries and has had the opportunity to train hundreds of participants in his leadership and facilitation courses.

Member of the International Association of Facilitators since 2005 and part of the Board of Directors from 2014 to 2019, Héctor is the founder of Proyectum in the Dominican Republic and Kunlaboro.

His interest in technology led him to translate the group collaboration software Stormz into Spanish. He is currently editor of the Spanish edition of the book "How NASA builds teams".

Jane DiGiacomo

Born and raised in New York, Jane moved to Canada looking for a place to raise her family with the balance between Nature and Community.

She works as a Senior Facilitator in different contexts from Community to Business in British Columbia, and as a non-profit executive at Nelson & District Hospice Society.

Jane's calling right now is to work with individuals and groups of people to lead them to a place of discovery, presence and gratitude.

As a long-time Buddhist practitioner, and in various sanghas, Jane has deepened her own connection to being in this life and has helped others delve into self-exploration, especially through contemplation of the end stages of life.

Our Facilitators are active members of the International Association of Facilitators, Certified GroupMap Facilitators and Liberating Structures Practitioners.

Our Network

In our Workshops we access our network to bring Special Guests Facilitators to share their knowledge and experience, enriching the learning experience for all participants. It is also our opportunity as a team to keep sharing, learning and evolving together.


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