Our Compass in Virtual Facilitation

Since 2018, we held over 80 Cohorts in our Virtual Facilitation Workshop, training more than 1,000 professionals in 3 languages. On this journey, aiming to equip Facilitators, Educators and Consultants, we identified fundamental dimensions of Virtual Facilitation. At first, these dimensions were two: Technology and Methodology.


Perhaps this is the first and most obvious layer, as all virtual interactions happen mediated by hardware (computer, camera, headphones, etc.) and software (video conferencing platform, word processor, whiteboard, etc.). There are many options, and it keeps evolving every day. For technophiles, a paradise. For technophobes, a nightmare. The bottom line is: you need to understand and master some fundamental tools.


For those with a background in facilitation, it is common to have a wide range of methods, processes, theories and approaches to work with groups. And of course, this ‘bag of tricks’ keeps growing over time....

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