Our program is a deep dive and an experiential learning journey to get you up to speed in Virtual Facilitation, but step-by-step.

The workshop has 5 Live Sessions over 5 weeks. During this period participants will have enough time and opportunities to experience, study and practice in the virtual environment.

We will set the foundation and get you comfortable with the essentials to work virtually.

You will experience and learn different techniques and tools that can be used immediately after each live session.

You will work in small learning groups to get ready to lead live practices with the whole group during the last sessions.

What you will learn:

Virtual facilitation techniques to improve your practice

The tools and methods to boost engagement and collaboration 

Strategies for successful virtual workshops and learning programs

How to develop a new mindset for digital collaboration

What Makes Our Training Unique

✅ We have been facilitating since 1998, and virtually since 2015. This is not our first rodeo...

✅ We break down the complexity of Virtual Facilitation into small challenges.

✅ We start with the fundamentals and add more layers as we move forward together.

 We give you all presenting materials to use immediately.

✅ You have 1:1 time with the Facilitators every session to address real challenges in your context.

✅ You learn by doing (and having fun) with Facilitators from different countries and cultures.

✅ You work often in small groups to deepen your understanding and practice.

✅ You get a free coaching session after the training program.

✅ We offer the best async learning platform, and you will have full access to the course for a full year.

✅ We lead a lively Community of Practice that gathers regularly. Stay close to being in the loop!

Virtual Facilitation Training Program

A Workshop carefully designed for consultants, facilitators, educators, trainers, leaders, and managers who need to design and lead group processes virtually.

Our program is a deep dive and an intensive learning experience to get you up to speed in Virtual Facilitation, but step-by-step.

The workshop has 5 Live Sessions over 5 weeks.

Check the next Open Cohorts in our Calendar. If you need a closed Cohort (In Company Customized Training Program), please let us know here!

What happens in our Training:

» A Jump Start
Our program starts right after your Registration. You gain access to our Learning Platform with comprehensive orientation, theory, tutorials and links to explore individually, at your own pace.

» A Hands-On Experience
We’ll meet in real-time, on camera, to learn by doing. Each session will broaden your understanding of virtual facilitation, improve your facilitation skills, and give you highly effective tools and techniques.

» Offline Learning
Beyond the live sessions, you may re-watch recordings and access content on our platform.

» Full Support
 You will be always supported by your Facilitators and other participants along the journey.

» Less is More
No paraphernalia. We will show you simple methods and powerful tools to get outstanding results.

» Links
As we explore together the nuances in Virtual Facilitation, you will be able to expand your facilitation skills from F2F into virtual settings, and vice-versa. You will understand what is possible in Hybrid Meetings.

What Participants Say


Robin Neidorf

Strategy, operations, and ROI for communities, foundations, and organizations

Over the past 15 years, I've probably led thousands of online meetings, workshops and discussions. But the session I ran last night - the first one since I participated in Virtual Facilitation's 5-week workshop - was 100x better. I was better prepared, used the tools more fluidly and effectively, and achieved a high level of engagement like never before.
The virtual facilitation team were the very definition of "best practice" in pacing the program well, connecting the participants into a learning cohort, and fun.

Elayna Alexandra

MBA, ACC - Coach, Strategist + Facilitator

Virtual Facilitation was the best hands-on training I have participated in a very long time if not ever. Before this learning, I knew a little bit about zoom but really didn't have a strong grasp of how to make the most of online meetings.

Now I feel I can confidently facilitate even complex events, trainings, workshops or webinars!

Donald Kerper

Executive Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator

The Virtual Facilitation group offered a great course. It is a "hands-on" course; no books, no manuals, no rules and regulations. Instead, you jump in and see what it can do while being guided by three professionals who do know the intricacies of each tool and platform they share with their students.

DJ King

Performance Optimization and Leadership Consulting

For anyone who needs to design and/or facilitate workshops, classes, teambuilding...any virtual event, this course will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge to do it well. I highly recommend Fernando and his team. They are generous facilitators with a wealth of knowledge.

Juliana Ordonhes

Partner at Lumo Consulting

The Virtual Facilitation Workshop was light, fun and dynamic! I was looking for a course that would help me learn tools and methods, and develop skills in online facilitation, but I got a lot more than that. In addition to techniques and practice, the reflections and group work enabled me to develop myself.