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Never Host Alone

The Art of Co-Facilitation & How to Foster Regenerative Collaborations

Holding space for learning and transformation is inherently a relational practice. That’s why in the microsolidarity network and at the Hum we never facilitate alone. But what makes for a great co-facilitation experience? And how do we create lasting collaborations with our co-facilitators, that only grow stronger over time? In this session, we’ll explore these questions together and share some of the principles and best practices we regularly rely on before, during, and after co-facilitating.

Jocelyn Ames and Jonas Gröner- are two of the network hosts in the microsolidarity network, where they regularly facilitate community-building practice programs, retreats and summer camps. They are also collaborators at the Hum, where they help organisations to navigate the transformation toward a self-organised, purposeful and relational paradigm.

June 20th, from 9:00am to 10:30am PDT

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