Virtual Facilitation • Fundamentals

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Welcome to our Fundamentals Program, a game-changing journey tailored to address the pain points often experienced in virtual facilitation. Gain the crucial skills and confidence to conquer challenges like poor engagement, lack of participation, and mundane sessions that plague virtual interactions. This program is designed for trainers, educators, and facilitators who are eager to take their virtual sessions to the next level of engagement and effectiveness.

Over the span of 3 immersive sessions you'll build a solid foundation in virtual facilitation. Whether you're an experienced facilitator searching for effective solutions or new to the virtual realm, this program stands as your ultimate gateway to mastering the art of online collaboration.

What you'll experience in these three weeks:

Foundational Mastery
Gain proficiency in the core principles of virtual facilitation, building a solid framework for your future endeavors.

Engagement Amplified
Uncover dynamic techniques and tools that elevate participant engagement and foster meaningful interactions.

Virtual Strategies
Acquire strategies to seamlessly navigate the virtual landscape, ensuring your workshops and programs run smoothly.

Virtual Mindset
Start cultivating a new mindset that embraces digital collaboration, empowering you to innovate in virtual spaces.

Why Choose Our Fundamentals Program:

✅ Proven Expertise: With decades of facilitation experience since 1998 and virtual expertise since 2015, we are your trusted guides in this journey.

✅ Step-by-Step Approach: We break down virtual facilitation into manageable steps, ensuring your learning is gradual and effective.

✅ Immediate Application: Put theory into practice with ready-to-use materials provided before and after each live session.

✅ Diverse Learning Community: Learn alongside facilitators from around the world, expanding your horizons. Participants from more than 35 countries have experienced our workshops.

✅ Practical Learning: Dive into experiential learning through small groups, enhancing your skills in a supportive environment.

Fundamentals Program Outline:

Our program emphasizes interactive Live Sessions to maximize your learning experience. You will dive into live discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborative sessions led by seasoned facilitators. Additionally, you will access a wealth of On-Demand Content for deeper exploration and self-paced learning.

Fundamentals Program Live Session Highlights:

Additional Support and Resources:

✅ Personalized Guidance: Engage in one-on-one sessions with Facilitators to tackle your specific challenges during each session.

✅ Continued Support: Benefit from a complimentary Post-Program Coaching Session with one of our Professional Facilitators, dedicated to addressing your unique challenges. This personalized session is a bonus in the program!

✅ Learning Platform Access: Enjoy a full year of unrestricted access to course materials and live session recordings through our user-friendly online learning platform, Kajabi.

✅ Vibrant Community of Practice: Join our monthly gatherings featuring exclusive guest facilitators and alumni, sharing experiences, methods, and insights in engaging sessions.

✅ Certification of Completion: Receive a Virtual Facilitation Certificate upon successful completion of the program and assessments.


What Participants Say

Robin Neidorf

Strategy, operations, and ROI for communities, foundations, and organizations

Over the past 15 years, I've probably led thousands of online meetings, workshops and discussions. But the session I ran last night - the first one since I participated in Virtual Facilitation's 5-week workshop - was 100x better. I was better prepared, used the tools more fluidly and effectively, and achieved a high level of engagement like never before.
The virtual facilitation team were the very definition of "best practice" in pacing the program well, connecting the participants into a learning cohort, and fun.

Elayna Alexandra

MBA, ACC - Coach, Strategist + Facilitator

Virtual Facilitation was the best hands-on training I have participated in a very long time if not ever. Before this learning, I knew a little bit about zoom but really didn't have a strong grasp of how to make the most of online meetings.

Now I feel I can confidently facilitate even complex events, trainings, workshops or webinars!

Donald Kerper

Executive Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator

The Virtual Facilitation group offered a great course. It is a "hands-on" course; no books, no manuals, no rules and regulations. Instead, you jump in and see what it can do while being guided by three professionals who do know the intricacies of each tool and platform they share with their students.

DJ King

Performance Optimization and Leadership Consulting

For anyone who needs to design and/or facilitate workshops, classes, teambuilding...any virtual event, this course will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge to do it well. I highly recommend Fernando and his team. They are generous facilitators with a wealth of knowledge.

Juliana Ordonhes

Partner at Lumo Consulting

The Virtual Facilitation Workshop was light, fun and dynamic! I was looking for a course that would help me learn tools and methods, and develop skills in online facilitation, but I got a lot more than that. In addition to techniques and practice, the reflections and group work enabled me to develop myself.