Assessment & Capacity Building

We offer assessment and custom training to build capacity and speed up the adoption of new digital technologies to stay competitive and meet employees and customers' needs.

Our team has been successfully delivering training programs for organizations to transition their face-to-face processes into virtual spaces with digital collaboration.

Our knowledge comes from practice, and real challenges we had to overcome ourselves. We are well positioned to offer support for companies, teams and communities to overcome the challenges, and take full advantage of virtual settings.

If you are eligible for the Canada Digital Adoption Program, get in touch using the form below. Tursa Group is one of the Digital Advisors registered with CDAP that meet and maintain all of the required criteria to deliver digital advisory services to eligible Canadian SMEs.

Fast Changes

(Fast) Changes

The way companies do business has changed dramatically in the last couple years. More and more business are going online, and adopting new digital technologies to stay competitive and meet their customers' needs.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Remote work is only increasing since the pandemic started. Virtual meeting skills became a critical factor for success. We provide the tools and methods for your team to run highly effective virtual meetings.



Going way beyond tools and techniques, we equip professionals with the skills set required to thrive in the new world of digital collaboration, helping leaders and teams to overcome the challenges and take full advantage of virtual settings.

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